Kieninger 2580-96-01

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Precision pendulum regulator – a KieningerMasterpiece limited to 100 pieces on the occasion of the 100th anniversay in the year 2012.

The clock consists of a UV glued glass case with a carbon fiber back panel which is held by 4 metal brackets and a key drawer integrated in the base. Four hidden adjustment screws allow an optimum positioning. The noble technical appearance is completed with a matt chrome finish of all metal components and applied polished brass bars on the dial. ZSO01 caliber precision cable movement with central second, ground plates with diamond cut edges and matt chrome finish.

  • stationary escapement (Graham 12 ó teeth)
  • 1 month run time – an above average precision of +/- 5 seconds per month can be reached
  • power reserve (winding process)
  • winding stops
  • 8 ball brearings and 6 rubies
  • fine beat adjustment
  • Kieniramic® anchor pallets
  • drive weight 3,1 kg
  • precision carbon stick pendulum with temperature compensation and fine adjustment.

Data sheet

  • Height: 134 cm
  • Width: 29 cm
  • Depht: 20 cm
  • Movement: mechanical
  • Numbered edition limited to 100 pieces with certificate
  • Back panel: carbon fiber
  • Accessories: chrome