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  1. hermle 01131-031171

    8 165,00 €

    Solid wood case. For the walnut execution it is used solid maple or alder wood stained and burnished into walnut color. Side glass panels, wooden inlay, brass trimmings.
  2. hermle 01210-031171

    10 769,00 €

    Elegant grandfather clock with finely crafted inlays. 
  3. hermle 01219-Q31171

    7 935,00 €

    Fancy grandfather clock showing in an impressive way the fascinating tubular triple chime mechanism. The ivory coloured dial with roman figures and polished brass rim is perfectly matching the unique design.
  4. hermle 01222-030451

    1 552,00 €

    Floor clock avalaible in walnut or mahogany finishes.
  5. hermle 01231-030451

    1 550,00 €

    Classic floor clock with a case partly made of solid wood. Walnut finished execution is made of solid alder or maple wood and burnished into walnut color. 
  6. hermle 21103-030340

    481,58 €

    Traditional Tambour style clock with glass bezel in walnut finish with mechanical 8-day 4/4 Westminster chime movement and automatic night shut-off.
  7. hermle 21103-032114

    251,68 €

    Traditional tambour style clock available with quartz dual chime 4/4 Westminster and  1/2 hour Bim Bam strike.
  8. hermle 21116-030340

    1 062,38 €

    Reproduction of an antique tambour clock.
  9. hermle 21142-070340

    699,38 €

    Impressive mantle clock made of solid wood and brass feet.


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