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  1. Kieninger 0137-22-01

    7 290,00 €

    Elegant parlor clock design with a multifunctional dial.
  2. Kieninger 0111-96-03

    8 190,00 €

    A special piece of craftsmanship and fine wood work for collectors and clock enthusiasts. The edition is limited to 250 pieces.
  3. Kieninger 0134

    6 600,00 €

    Elegant, delicate floor clock with beveled glasses, Arabic dial 24 cm with second indication and hand-milled Breguet-style hands, special compensated pendulum with precision adjustment. 
  4. Kieninger 0139-26-01

    9 900,00 €

    Elegant and contemporary, reduced look floor clock in dark American walnut. Numbered edition with certificate.
  5. Kieninger 0137-96-02

    7 950,00 €

    An elegant parlor clock meticulously crafted, in black satin piano finish with fine polished steel accents in pediment and base. All beveled crystal glass.  250 piece limited edition.
  6. Kieninger 0135-23-01

    9 900,00 €

    Noble and delicately crafted curio cabinet in walnut finish with elaborate walnut burl veneers, extensive glass side and round top glasses, mirror back panel and safety glass door, LED lighting with sensor control, elaborate brass dial with gold plated fine grid and matching lyre pendulum.


products by page