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  1. Kieninger 0111-96-03

    8 690,00 €

    A special piece of craftsmanship and fine wood work for collectors and clock enthusiasts. The edition is limited to 250 pieces.
  2. Kieninger 0126-02-01

    17 990,00 €

    Sophisticated designer curio cabinet with triple LED spot lighting and slightly curved front door glass. Float glass dial with second indication and illumination effect. High-grade second compensation pendulum with precision adjustment. All visable accessory components are chrome plated. Numbered edition.
  3. Kieninger 0126-06-01

    19 990,00 €

    Sophisticated designer curio cabinet with gold plated frame, triple LED lighting and slightly curved front door glas. Float glass dial with second indication and illumination effect. High-grade second compensation pendulum with precision adjustment. Numbered edition.
  4. Kieninger 0137-22-01

    7 490,00 €

    Elegant parlor clock design with a multifunctional dial.
  5. Kieninger 0137-96-02

    7 990,00 €

    An elegant parlor clock meticulously crafted, in black satin piano finish with fine polished steel accents in pediment and base. All beveled crystal glass.  250 piece limited edition.
  6. Kieninger 0139-26-01

    10 900,00 €

    Elegant and contemporary, reduced look floor clock in dark American walnut. Numbered edition with certificate.


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